Resurrection Radio Rebuilds your radiogram restoring the sound quality back to the way it was when new. Loud, clear and once again enjoyable.

Electronic Components are made of many chemical compounds that decay over time and eventually fail. This is why radiograms stop working or sound disgusting. They are simply suffering from chemical decomposition which is sped up when unsususpecting buyers plug them into the electricity  ofter 60 years of sitting in a shed  collecting dust , dirt and mositure. It is not a safe thing to do !

Here we rebuild the electronics and mechanical turntables back to correct working safe condition. Adding all new parts and giving them another 60 year shelf life!  In addition, we can add FM to you radio! Cabinet refinishing and repairs are also available if required.

If you are interested in any of our items, please email or phone us to get more information.

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Kriesler Master Multisonic. The very  best of the 1960’s technology made in Australia. Features, tuning indicator , push pull output 6GW8 Tubes, 4 way speaker system with electrostatic tweeters. Also fitted with Resurrection Radios FM convertor so you can have Am and Fm radio !! Superb Original Teak Finish  Cabinet $1500.

The GE. Made By  General Electric in Australia. , A magnificent example of Radiogram Technology. This fully transistorised Danish Style model is in excellent conditon and even comes with a Cassette Recorder ! All of this has been painfully rebuilt by Us at Resurrecton Radio to give a complete and enchanting experience to the listener.

In lowboy Danish styled Teak Cabinet , this Superb Stereo System will make a feature piece in any house. $2000

AWA Three Piece Modular System in Superb Teak finish. One of the first Transistorised units with Seperating speakers, as pictured. Fantastic full sound with incredible bass response. $1200

 Another Top Model Radiogram from Kriesler. The Stereo Electrostatic ! Named so for the use of Hi Frequency Electrostatic Speakers, later also used in the Master Multisonic. This radiogram is simply Superb. It has the warmest Valve sound of all the radiograms , I think anyway! It comes to you in Superb Original Teak finish , speaker cloth in excellent as new conditon. Fitted with Resurrection Radios FM modlule and sounding incredible , most enjoyable as is most of our range. $14oo

Kriesler , the magnificent quality company pushed a complete stereo radiogram into a “portable” case. The result is this incredible unit with all it’s glory and weight attached. Features, removable satelite speaker, pictured in the lid to separate left channel from the right and gvie you a stereo image. Also comes with superb period radio as pictured. A true delight and an incredible sound to match. $600


Astor Radiogram Desk Top Unit

Stunning little beauty. This 1940’s style desk top radiogram is unique in every way. $850




HMV Portable Record Player

HMV Portable Record Player . 1960’s $250


Astor 1950's Radiogram

Astor 1950’s Radiogram in Stunning Brown Bakelite Cabinet. $850.
















Astor blond wood radiogram
Stunning and rare in blond. $1,500






1960's Grundig Radiogram

1960’s Grundig Stereo Radiogram. The best of the best. This unit is amazing in looks and in sound. It can fill a room with loud rich clear sound . This unit is fitted with a dual turntable and is capable of high quality audio reproduction.$1500









HMV Delux Radiogram 1950.
Walunut Cabinet, $1,900






Philips 1950's radiogram

Philips 1950’s radiogram



HMV 1960’s Retro Stereo Radiogram






Philips Late 1960’s Retro Stereo Radiogram
Stunning Powerful Sound










Pye Black Box Radiogram with matching stand
Late 1960’s First of the Transistor sets
Excellent condition. Original Finish.