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More of our display 2012

Stromberg Carlson Classi Art Deco Radio Console
French Polished


                                                                     Kriesler Bakelite Radio 1950’s


HMV 1940's Console Radio

HMV 1940’s Console Radio with short wave capabilities. Cabinet has been french polished to the highest standard. $1500



Philips Art Deco Chrome Grill Bakelit Radio

Philips Art Deco Chrome Grill Bakelit Radio. Excellent condition looks new. Fully restored of course. $550

Kriesler Soccer Ball Bakelite Radio


Philips Pink Radio

Philips 1950's Radio

Philips 1950’s Radio Cream coloured , gold knobs , restored and working well. $350

stromberg carlson radio

stromberg carlson radio $650

hotpoint cream radio

hotpoint cream radio $450

Astor cream bakelite radio

Astor cream bakelite radio $450




Hotpoint Bakelite Radio



hmvcream                                                                HMV 1950’s Plastic Radio $350

awacream1                                                              AWA Cream Bakelite Radio $450

awa                                                      AWA Brown Bakelite Radio $350

Famous STC Jelly Mould Radio Bakelite and quite exciting pattern. $550

One of Australia’s Iconic radios.  An excellent  example from the Art Deco period .

This 1939 STC radio captures the period in so many ways.

Many features including push button pre sets for quick tuning to a favourite station . FrenchPolished $4,500

Traditional Console radio made by Philips. French Polished and restored in every way $1,300